Welcome to our Tips for Techs page. This page is designed not only for Nail Technicians but for all individuals wanting to learn tid bits on handling various dilemma's with their fingernails.

    - Posted 04/03/2003. Nail Techs: Please send questions to If relative, we will post answers on this page. Thank you!

Possible causes of fingernail yellowing -

  • Shelf life of the product used may have expired.
    Replace the old with the new.

  • Base Coat polish was not applied before application of nail polish.
    Be sure to apply base coat polish before colored nail polish

  • Tanning Beds will cause yellowing.
    Always remove tanning lotion from the nail beds before
    entering tanning bed.

  • Smoking cigarettes will yellow your fingernails
    The best answer for this is to hanker down & quit. Eventually you'll feel better, food will taste better and your fingernails won't be yellow. If the first fix-it just isn't feasible for you, try Garde' © Invisible glove.

  • Medication with iodine will yellow nails
    Use gloves when using the product. You can couple that with Garde' © Invisible glove.

  • Hair coloring and products will cause yellowing.
    Here again, use gloves when using hair products. You can couple that with Garde' © Invisible glove.

Possible causes of fungus -

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